MHSA Creates a Unified Voice for Head Start in Michigan

MHSA directors, staff and parents visit Congressional offices in Washington, D.C. to advocate for Head Start in Michigan.

Michigan Head Start Association (MHSA) directors, staff and parents visit Congressional offices in Washington D.C. to advocate for Head Start in Michigan.

MHSA is the unified voice providing advocacy and leadership linking the Head Start community of parents, programs, and partners.

The Michigan Head Start Association is a private, nonprofit corporation organized in 1967 and incorporated in 1988 as the only state organization dedicated exclusively to the concerns of Head Start. The association provides services and support to the Michigan Head Start community, representing more than 35,000 children and their families, 55 Early Head Start, 64 Head Start and two Migrant and Seasonal Head Start grantees statewide.

Our Goals

Advocate: To affect policy and legislative change that improves the lives of families, to inform the public of Head Start’s value, to build partnerships with the regional and national associations and to educate parents to advocate for children.

Educate: To support and provide high-quality training and professional development opportunities for both families and Head Start staff that meet their changing needs.

Communicate: To connect and educate families, members and stakeholders by maintaining an effective and up-to-date Web presence, implementing a social networking strategy, and dedicating the funding, knowledge and time to keep these efforts going.

Collaborate: To partner with a variety of organizations interested in supporting Head Start, early childhood education and child well-being.

Special Initiatives: To launch a statewide public awareness campaign that highlights leaders, research and partnerships, leading to a boost in program referrals, more involvement in early childhood discussions and a reputation of expertise and resources.

Our Vision

The Michigan Head Start Association is determined to play a valued role in Michigan’s efforts to educate and serve its most vulnerable children and families. Our vision is based on the belief that all children deserve an opportunity to succeed in school and in life, regardless of the circumstances of birth.

Our Value Statement

The Michigan Head Start Association values partnerships and collaboration and is intent on forming relationships with families, the community and other agencies. We are accountable to our members and funders, practicing the highest standards of governance and financial stewardship, ensuring transparency in our operations and living up to the highest standards of quality. We are committed to being a high-impact organization.