What Michigan Parents Say about Head Start

Son Improving Emotionally and Academically 

I have struggled with my son when it comes to many things -- learning to love and respect himself and others, and also with his attitude.  He gives up on himself on a personal level and educationally.  Since he has started Head Start, he is now learning patience, to respect himself, and not to give up on things that are hard.  He’s improving emotionally and academically so much.  I don’t know where we’d be with him and without Head Start. – Mom Samantha

Head Start Matters for Only Child

My daughter is an only child. Before Head Start she didn’t know how to play with other children and wouldn’t leave my side. Now, and it’s only been 3 months, she plays well with others. She is so independent now and she is learning so much it’s unreal. Head Start is an amazing program and it MATTERS! – Mom Casey

Father Says Son is Learning Verbal Skills

My son started Head Start at 4. There he was able to hone some verbal skills. Before Head Start, he would get so frustrated he would break down, freak out, cry, and lose confidence. He knew exactly what he was trying to say, but we didn’t. Now, through Head Start and further speech therapy he is amazing at telling stories and talking with all the time he needs to explain and sound out words until you can understand him. I also enjoy volunteering at the school showing my face to the educators, letting them know this dad does care and is involved. I dream of both my kids making improvements along the way … getting on honor rolls, maybe college/trades. ANY field that simply makes them happy! -- Dad Scott

Better Opportunity to Learn

Head Start matters to me because it gives my son a better opportunity to learn. I can’t teach my son everything. Ms. Sue is able to teach John in a different way, so he learns more than he would with just mom. Also, the program helps my son with his social anxiety disorder. He is able to make friends his age. – Mom Marie

Daughter is Blossoming in Early Head Start

ALL children deserve an opportunity to succeed. Head Start helped my son socially. He went from being the little boy hiding in the corner to now being an outgoing 8 year old. He came into Head Start with the intellectual skills, but he needed the social skills. Head Start enhanced the skills he had but gave him new skills. Now my 6 month old daughter is in Early Head Start and she is not only hitting all her milestones, she is blossoming socially. The children are our future and to take this program from our children would be so wrong. – Mom Julie

Head Start Provides Chance to Grow and Learn 

When I was a child, my father was in the Navy. We moved so often I missed out on learning important skills Head Start provides. This country’s children deserve a chance to grow and learn, all to eventually become productive, happy members of society. – Mom Cory