Recruitment and Enrollment Workgroup

MAISA/MHSA/OGS Recruitment and Enrollment Workgroup

The Recruitment and Enrollment Group was formed in November, 2012, and includes representatives from ECIC, MAISA, MEDC, MHSA, and OGS, as well as various Head Start agencies and ISDs. This group meets to discuss the current work occurring around pre-school recruitment and enrollment including the exploration of statewide strategies and the sharing of best practices.

Recently this group has been reviewing sample MOUs, agreements/contracts and other related collateral recruitment documents that have been submitted to the workgroup from both Head Start agencies and ISDs. These materials are posted below and we welcome any agency or ISD that has other documents supporting joint recruitment and enrollment to send materials to Rachael Zaborowski ( at MHSA.

Steering Committee:

Robin J. Bozek, Michigan Head Start Association

Richard Lower, Michigan Department of Education

Scott Menzel, Michigan Association for Intermediate School Administrators

Alan Oman, Michigan Association for Intermediate School Administrators

Jeremy Reuter, Office of Great Start

Rich VanTol, Saginaw ISD Head Start

Alicia Williams, Early Childhood Investment Corporation

Committee At-Large:

Reenie Butler, Chippewa-Luce-Mackinac Community Action Agency

Mary Cunningham DeLuca, Community Action Agency

Mary Hockwalt, Head Start for Kent County

Lucy McClintic, Capital Area Community Services

Erin McGovern, Kent County ISD

Lena Montgomery, Wayne RESA

Michelle Nicholson, Ingham ISD

Nancy Secor, Eight Cap


Charlevoix - 7 documents: 2013 Application Form; Preschool Application; Accepted into a Program; Incomplete Applications; 2013 Dental; 2013 Physical; Spring Accepted into a Program

Ingham - 1 document: Subcontract Agreement

Tuscola - 1 document: Application

Wayne Metro - 2 documents: Community Collaboration; Community Collaboration 2

Wayne RESA - 7 documents: Agreement; Task Force Overview; Referral Form; Referral Form Process; Release Form; Release Form Guidelines; Program Overview