Learning Community

The Michigan Head Start Association Invites You to Become Part of a Learning Community;  Register Today for Your 2017-2018 Learning Community!

As part of a Learning Community, you are being offered an opportunity to meet three times annually for
peer-to-peer professional development, networking, and to share

The sessions will be held at the University Club of Michigan State University, 3435 Forest Road, Lansing, Mich. 48910. 

Registration allows one person to register for the second and third meetings of our three part series. There are no substitutions of staff for individual meetings. The first meetings held in October were a huge success. Register for your Learning Community today! 

ERSEA Learning Community: February 1, 2018, April 18, 2018 

Mental Health / Disabilities Learning Community:  January 31, 2018, April 17, 2018

Human Relations Learning Community:  February 15, 2018, April 19, 2018