Michigan Head Start Association News

ERSEA Managers Learn about Detroit Head Start

East Lansing, MI (Feb. 8, 2017) – The re-competition for federal funding among Head Start providers in Detroit in 2014 significantly changed the early childhood landscape in that city – resulting in the emergence of a number of new grantees and location of Head Start classrooms. It became... read more

Yale Researcher Addresses Preschool Expulsions, Suspensions

In his 2016 Yale Child Study Center research brief looking at implicit biases in preschool expulsions and suspensions, Walter S. Gilliam, Ph.D. wrote that the loss of an early educational placement or time in care could directly undermine a child’s access to future educational opportunities.... read more
Yasmina Vinci's commentary on 'the power and promise' of Head Start

Head Start Works; Congress Should Keep It Moving Forward

Jan. 6, 2017 (Washington, D.C.) As the newest Members of Congress join their colleagues in the nation’s capital to legislate a path toward a productive, prosperous and peaceful future, I am hopeful every member of the 115th Congress is reflecting on America’s core values and how those values... read more

More Than 600 Head Start Programs to Lengthen School Hours

Jan. 4, 2017 (Washington, D.C.) -- The Office of Head Start announced Tuesday that it will distribute $290 million to 665 Head Start and Early Head Start programs around the country that they can use to expand their full school day and year offerings. Congress appropriated the supplemental funding... read more
Enjoying a Michigan apple for lunch at the Head Start Program in Sparta.

Farm to school program is good for students, schools, and farmers alike

Most of the parents of the students at Sergio Rodriguez’s early childhood care facility work as migrant farm laborers in fields and orchards in Kent and Montcalm counties during the growing season.And even though they are exposed to all sorts of fresh produce, their kids know very little about the... read more